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About Tax Lawyer Christopher G. Kehoe Esq. of New Bedford

Christopher G. Kehoe Esq. is engaged in the private practice of law with a heavy concentration on tax-implicated legal issues and controversies at both the State and Federal level.

Located in New Bedford, MA, his experience has included representing taxpayers at all levels of the IRS and state tax authorities. He also a former IRS Tax Attorney and has significant experience in matters relating to tax collection, auditing and filing and reporting positions.

Tax lawyer Christopher G. Kehoe Esq. has audit experience including returns with civil fraud and criminal tax exposure and significant tax liability exposure and clients in New Bedford can trust his value-driven representation.

Christopher G. Kehoe Esq. has tax advisory experience including all areas of income, gift and estate tax laws and service to individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, estates and other tax and non-tax professionals.

Christopher is authorized to practice before the IRS in all jurisdictions including New Bedford and is authorized to practice generally (tax and other matters) in the State of Rhode Island, US Tax Court, US District Court, and District of Rhode Island.

Areas of Legal Practice: Tax, Estate & Trust, Divorce, Business, Real Estate

Tax Audit Tips

There are several red flags which may trigger tax audits including:

Unreasonable deductions for home office: There are specific rules published by IRS to classify business and personal expenditure.

Mismatching Federal and state tax returns: If there is a difference between the incomes declared on these two tax returns, IRS computers will immediately pick it up.

High earnings: If your annual income crosses $100,000, it may attract the attention of IRS.

Excessive charitable contributions: If your contributions to charity range between 5 to 10 percent of your income, IRS feel it is a good reason to ask you explanation.

Mess up in alternative minimum tax (AMT): If you are subject to AMT, you should approach a tax professional in order to avoid calculation mistakes.

Incorrect reporting of dividend and interest: It is very easy for IRS to cross-verify interest and dividend figures as their computers are programmed accordingly

If you think you may have one or more of these red flags you may be subjected to a tax audit. Keep your finances in order and avoid audits by contacting a New Bedford tax attorney such as Christopher Kehoe today.